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Secrets2Sexy Seminar Highlights

There are many factors involved  problem with individuals who have not been able to transform their bodies and maintain good physical health. Factors include but are not limited to:

Lack of time management

Lack of motivation

Lack of belief that they could actually succeed; lack of confidence in their ability.

Lack of belief that getting in better physical health is worth the daily sacrifice.

Feelings of insecurity that makes it hard to workout in public places.

Lack of workout strategy.

Lack of diet strategy.

Lack of knowledge about their body type and how their body works in regard to nutrition and physical exercise. 

Life circumstances that are making it difficult to stay in the right mindset. 

Poor outlook on life; poor belief systems that do not aid in fitness journey. 

These are all valid, real life obstacles that have hindered many from making the type of progress they would like to make in their lives. In the Secrets2Sexy Seminar we will address all of these limiting factors and provide adequate solutions so that you can get over the hump and elevate to the next level with your fitness journey. It's much easier to stay motivated when you know that your workout strategy will work and works specifically for your body type and your fitness goals. The Secrets2Sexy seminar will also go into depth in regards to workout strategy and nutrition strategy so we can break down step by step what you should do with your workout and nutrition to get the very best results. By the end of the seminar you should be able to:

Calculate how many calories you need to take in for your hit your target fitness goals.

Know your ideal macronutrient percentages so that you can shape your body the way you desire. 

Have strategic workouts that target exactly what you'd like to embellish.

Know what foods are working for you and what foods are working against you. Food choice is essential in hitting your fitness goals.

Know what to do when you've cheated with your diet. Yes, there's a right way to cheat!

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