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Secrets2Sexy gives you access to the most modern and effective nutrition and workout strategies that have been used by some of the most accomplished athletes and models across the world. In our S2S Fit Challenges, we give you a chance to gain insight to what some of these celebrities are doing to keep and build their shape. We take models, entertainers, and athletes who are well known for their amazing physique and share some of their secrets to success! We explain the “why behind the what” and optimize their strategies so that you get the most out of your workouts.  As long as you put in the work and dominate the competition, we give you the opportunity to finally meet the celebrity that you see on your favorite social media networks, and have a full fledged workout/hangout day! We hope that by providing this experience for you, you'll be able to become even more motivated to take care of your physical health and continue to chase another level of sexy!


Our Subscription page allows you to get up to date workout strategies based on your fitness goals as well as recipe ideas, bonus workout regimens, and educational segments that will provide solutions to common obstacles encountered when trying to hit fitness goals. Check out interviews from our S2S models as well as vlogs from the fitness shoots and events that take place in the S2S world!

Example of Video Workouts:

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