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Challenge Details

First 50 participants are entered into a raffle to win a personal FaceTime call from Jake T. Austin!

1 participant per week will get a shout out from Jake T. Austin via Instagram story!

Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

Free Secrets2Sexy Apparel

Picture with Jake T. Austin 

Personal workout session with Jake T. Austin

(See Game Rules below)

Game Rules:

  • Taking before and after pictures, along with weekly progress pictures, is strongly recommended to measure your progress and keep yourself motivated. Although it is not required to participate in this challenge, you can share your results with us by emailing your photos to at the end of the challenge,

  • Each participant may earn points for participating in the Secrets2Sexy by Jake challenge.

  • Details of how to earn points are in the “Secrets2Sexy by Jake Point System” section

  • The participants with the most points will win the grand prize: The opportunity to meet and workout with Jake T Austin!

  • A minimum of 500 points are required to be considered for the grand prize.

  • The challenge is ongoing.

  • Include proof of purchase for fitness challenge, subscription and apparel in email if applicable.

  • Please note: It is the sole responsibility of each participant to track their individual points. Secrets2Sexy will verify accuracy of accumulated points at the end of the challenge, upon submission of total points.



Secrets2Sexy by Jake Point System



10 pts per post

Subscribe to

Secrets2sexy website

Purchase  Secrets2Sexy by Jake

Post your workout and tag @secrets2sexy along with 2 friends on Instagram and use the hashtag #Secrets2SexyByJake. Or post a selfie wearing Secrets2Sexy apparel and tag @Secrets2Sexy and 2 friends on Instagram and use the hashtag #Secrets2SexyByJake.

Purchase Secrets2Sexyby Jake

Upon subscribing to Secrets2Sexy

You will see the option to take the Secrets2Sexy by Jake challenge. (2D and 3D option) or instagram app

100 pts per item

Purchase Secrets2Sexy Apparel

Secrets2Sexy by Jake Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made by company Secrets2Sexy for Secrets2Sexy by Jake Contestants


   A. Secrets2Sexy is a fitness company operating a gym and provides training on workouts and fitness exercises.


   B. The subject matter of the contract is a fitness challenge (hereinafter referred to as “challenge”)


    C. The participant willingly subscribes to participate in the challenge herein.


    D. The company and the participant wish to enter an agreement that will allow for participation in a fitness challenge.



          1. CONSIDERATION

Upon successful completion of the challenge, the top 3 participants with the highest number of points will be selected as the winners. If there is a tie (more than 3 participants with the highest number of points) winners will be entered into a raffle and 3 will be chosen.


Participation Prizes

  1. Shoutout from Jake T. Austin (Jake) on Jake’s Instagram story                                                                              A. Must post themselves working out or take a selfie in Secrets2Sexy apparel, tag @Secrets2Sexy, along with 2 friends and use #Secrets2SexyByJake in the post.                                                                                             B.1 winner per week will be selected.                                                                                                                          The first 50 people to purchase the Secrets2Sexy by Jake fitness program (2D or Virtual Reality) will be into into a raffle for a chance to win a personal FaceTime call from Jake T. Austin.   Grand prize winners win an opportunity to meet and workout with Jake T Austin, receive an autograph from Jake T. Austin and free Secrets2Sexy apparel.                                                                                                                          C. Transportation, lodging and meals are the sole responsibility of each winner. Secrets2Sexy and Jake T. Austin are not responsible for providing transportation, lodging or meals to winner.                                                D. Meeting date and location will be determined by Secrets2Sexy.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.                                                                                                                                                                                                         2. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CHALLENGE                                                                                             2.1 Subscribe to Secrets2Sexy subscription page 200 pts.                                                                                  2.2 Post workout or selfie in Secrets2Sexy apparel and tag @secrets2sexy and two friends, (10 pts per post).       2.3 Purchase apparel 100 pts per item.                                                                                               2.4 Contestants must accumulate a minimum of 500 pts to be considered for Grand Prizes, and  email with your estimated amount of points accumulated, first and last name, IG username.    2.5 If a participant chooses to no longer participate after purchasing the challenge, no refunds  whatsoever shall given.                                                                                                                                                                2.6 There will be three grand prize winners selected by the end of the challenge.


Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be deemed to assume any responsibility for or obligation or duty with respect to any injury, of any nature or kind whatsoever, or any matter or proceedings arising out of or relating thereto. The company shall not be required to take any action of any kind besides the measures put in place to protect anyone from any injurious activity before, during and after the challenge. The company’s prior reaction to any injury sustained before, during and after the challenge shall not constitute a condition of any demand for payment or of any suit or other proceeding for liability.


         4. COMMENCEMENT AND DURATION                                                                                                                4.1 This agreement shall commence on the date of execution but subject to early  termination  in accordance with this agreement.  

 4.2 The agreement shall be subject to renewal at the lapse of its lifespan with mutual consent  of both parties.​


          5. BREACH

  Any contravention with the provisions of this agreement shall constitute breach of the agreement.


  By execution of this agreement the parties hereby agree that the SOLE remedy for breach of  contract shall be termination in accordance with this agreement.



 The parties shall use their effort to settle amicably all the disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement or interpretations hereof.



 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The United States of America.



 By purchasing Secrets2Sexy by Jake, you are adhering to all rules and regulations and are subject to disqualification if deemed necessary by Secrets2Sexy.

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